SAMIC 2017: 5-7 April
SPEAKERS / Sandisiwe Ncemane

Sandisiwe Ncemane is Account Manager for Project Development - Energy projects at the Coega Development Corporation.

She is responsible for investment promotion for both generation and manufacturing projects. Sandi holds a post-graduate degree in Msc (Eng) Engineering Management from the University of Pretoria and is a member with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and South African Institute of Electrical Engineering.

Her work experience and expertise spans over a decade, and includes spells with various key institutions such as Telkom Media, SABC and Siemens.

Sandi’s Energy portfolio includes gas, nuclear, wind and solar related energy projects which mirror the South African energy mix. The CDC’s Energy Outlook cuts across all energy and technology sources.

There are five primary focus areas: Power Generation; Manufacturing; Enablers; Centre of Excellence; and Operations and Maintenance.

Currently operating within the IDZ is the Dedisa Peaking Power Plant, with a capacity of 342 MW. The IDZ is also home to DCD Wind Towers, which assembles wind towers linked to the various Wind REIPPP projects within the region.

CDC is involved in the IPP Gas to Power Programme, with an allocation of 1 000 MW.

In the nuclear space, CDC is working closely with various entities in preparation for the Nuclear New Build Programme with a focus on nuclear localization.