SAMIC 2017: 5-7 April
SPEAKERS / Dr Marius Claassen

Dr Marius Claassen is a water resources specialist and Group Leader of Resource-specific Scientific Measures at the CSIR.

He holds a PhD in ecological risk assessment from Rhodes University. Dr Claassen has been involved in a broad range of research in the public and private sectors as well as in the international arena over the past 24 years.

His key competencies are in regional water resources development, strategy and scenario development, ecosystem services, risk assessment and decision support systems. His interests include knowledge and learning processes.

Most recently he was involved in: Scenarios for the South African Maritime Sector; A Scalable Approach Towards Realizing Tangible Benefits in Transboundary River Basins and Regions; A Research, Innovation and Knowledge Management Road Map for the South African Maritime Sector; and Defining Adaptive Capacity in the Context of Environmental Change.